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Dropping Pressure in Keg

After I get my beer in to the keg, and set the pressure to 30lbs to carbonate the beer, what is the best way to reduce the pressure down to serving settings, without releasing too much CO2 from the beer itself?

Just turn the reg down a few turns then pull the pressure relief valve until it equals out to the pressure on the reg only takes a few seconds. If its not where you want it turn the reg down and do it again or turn it up. I’m assuming that you have ball lock kegs.

Pin locks

If no pressure-relief valve, turn the regulator down (or off), remove the gas connection at the keg, depress the poppet to drop the pressure to close to zero, then re-connect the gas and turn the regulator back up to the desired serving pressure.

Assuming your beer isn’t carbed yet. Seal it at 30, turn it down to where you want it and let it go. The original pressure will disperse into the beer and it won’t overcarb.

If you have over carbonated the beer, make sure you have a check valve on the the gas line or you will end up with beer in your regulator.

Yes, you can release the pressure in the keg. But CO2 will come back out of solution and fill the head space. Your beer will still be over carbonated. You will have to repeat this process many time to get the pressure down where you want it.

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