Drip tray query

Thanks to all the knowledge and information available here, and my love of draft beer, I’ve decided to go forward with a kegerator build using the Danby DAR125. Putting together a parts list and have solid thoughts on all components minus one, the drip tray… Not a high tech thing however I’m planning on building my tower from wood and also include a wood top for my fridge. I’m planning to build in a cutout for the drip tray to sit in allowing drip tray grill to sit flush with the wood top. The tower will have two taps, so here is where I would appreciate some suggestions.

If I have a tower with two taps and no plans for adding more to this setup how large a drip tray should I go for?

Bonus question is a semi wrap around drip tray better than rectangular?
Thanks in advance!!

I have a semi wrap around and really like it. I have had both but I like this one the best. I am sure it is just persanol preference.

I have had both and also prefer the cut drip trays. A bit pricey, but the look and functionality are great.