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Drip tray drainage

I have a beveridge air keg fridge and inside the fridge underneath the drip tray there is a little white nozzle. When I originally bought the unit it had a plastic flex tube attached and then it went to what looked like a spray bottle with the top modified slightly so that the tubing could fit overtop and have a clamp. I lost this somewhere in my moves of houses and I need to re-construct something. A regular spray bottle would work but I need something to screw ontop so I can attach a piece of hose. Anyone seem anything like this before? I’m just coming up blank on the spray bottle itself or the canister if you will to hold the spilled beer.

Is it the driptray drain? I just use a vinyl hose into a growler.

yes, the drip tray has a plastic nozzle underneath where I can hook hose to. Hadn’t thought of a growler. The plastic bottle it had was nice because it kept air out of it. It kind of kept the whole process sealed up.

Looks like a trip to the friendly hardware store is in order.

You know, the old school store that doesn’t have a computer. The one where you describe what you want, even if it is not a normal application, and the guy can find it.

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