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Drip Pans

I’ve got all the parts ordered now for converting my fridge over to a kegerator, but somehow forgot the drip tray. What would be the minimum width for faucets? Anyone seen any good deals? I take it I will have to secure the drip tray with bolts running through the fridge door, right?

You can get drip trays that use the faucets to secure them. I used a stainless mud pan and hard drive magnets. Here’s a pic:

Audi TT glove box door. :wink:


I used the $14.95 ss drip tray from and a piece of wood. The brackets were $4 and came from Lowe’s. Once a week, I pop it out and put it in the dishwasher. Here are a few pics.

Great ideas. I meant to include that I will have 4 faucets, which is why I asked about the tray width.

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