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Drinking StarSan

So we all tell ourselves that StarSan is food safe. In consentrated form it is obviously not, given all the warnings on the bottle. SOOoooooo…
I poured a little glass of StarSan to sanitize my eye dropper for my refractometer. I left the glass out on the counter. I forgot about the glass. My wife then drank some of it.
“Argh what is this?”
“That was StarSan how much did you drink?”
“A couple of sips.”
“What made you drink more than one sip?”
“You aren’t helping, where’s the bottle… This says call a doctor immediately”
“That is concentrated you drank like a 1:600 dilution, all my online friends say it’s safe”
“…do not induce vomiting…”
“Here let me google this… See this guy’s dog drank it and it was fine”
“I’m not a dog and this is not comforting”
“Here it says the guy who makes it drank it to show it was safe… But that could just be a story.”
“I’m going to drink some water”
“This forum says it’s about as strong as a coke”
“My mouth tastes like vomit”
“I think you’ll be fine. I’ll drink some in solidarity”
“I’m going to eat some Tums”

True story


So,how is your star san drinking wife now? I hope and trust alls well… Just on of those oh crap moments…? Sneezles61

Hope she is fine. Weird choice for a mix drink


At 2 hours she’s doing fine…


Cleans the bowels sort off

Yikes! Don’t drink random glasses left on the counter! This is why my star san stays in a bucket in the basement. :grimacing: Glad to hear all is good!


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Tell her to have some probiotics…acidic solution could damage the good bugs in her gut. That’s about the worst damage I’d expect…

24 hours in she is just fine. @dannyboy58 she is all about weird probiotics from natural sources. She always has some Natto lying around which is absolutely crazy

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Good stuff! My step grandmother was korean. She made natto but I think she had another name for it. She taught me to make kimchi and other fermented veggies, which she buried in the back yard in ceramic clay pots to ferment. She got me in the habit of eating rice and kimshi for breakfast long ago. The fermented veggies and fish didn’t stick with me unless I’m someplace where they’re readily available.

Doesn’t sound like the starsan shouldn’t have much detrimental effect on your wife’s GI tract.

What our wives go through living with us…

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