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Drilled stopper for glass carboy

I recently bought a glass carboy from as the secondary fermenter option on my starter kit.

I need a drilled stopper, but I have no clue how to determine which size I need.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated…

You want this ... illed.html

buy a couple though to have on hand

+1 on the universal. You’d have to intentionally force one into a carboy. I don’t have any problems with them pushing out, either. Welcome to the forum. :cheers:

Me too on the universal. Some of the old rubber ones I have need to be dried off with a paper towel or they push right out. The universal stays put. The only thing I don’t like about them is water can lay in them since the top is not flat like the old fashion ones so give it a shake to drain it out first.

Thanks for the responses, folks. Really appreciate it…!

The universal is the only way to go. I have noticed that if you put the universal stopper in that is wet with star san that it may try to push out. I found that if I shake the star san off real good it stays ok. You won’t push it through that is for sure.


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