Drank first batch too fast

yep I did…bottled it Oct 23 and now Nov 9 its gone (brown ale)
so with a week of bottle conditioning, started drinking it and less that 2 weeks later, bye bye
but in all fairness to myself, I did share and give away about 15 of them and I kept one on my office shelf as first beer ever

now I gotta wait all over again, but just not as long
but at least I am starting to fill up a pipeline
bottled some Creme ale Wed, bottling holiday Red ale next
porter will be almost ready to bottle by Thanksgiving

trying to decide what to put in my empty fermenter…Rye Stout or Black IPA
or my wife’s made up recipe…which as discussed in another thread wont be what she wants but she is insisting I make it anyhow

boy am I glad I decided to give this hobby a shot… 8)

You’ll be very happy with the hosts black ipa. One of the best i’ve made, even after fermenting at nearly 78*, and before I knew about starters. I’ve got high hopes for it next time around…

I’m squeeling in anticipation over the black IPA now… it’s been in primary one week so far. If anything, it’s been fermenting too cold (59-61 degrees… I just moved it to a slightly warmer room) and made a beast of a two stage starter. It will be my first time dry-hopping, so let’s hope I don’t screw that up somehow, but I’m pretty excited.

yeah, I been looking at the hosts Black IPA…
I have some Rye stout at home…so going to go that route
but ordering up the Black IPA today
and looks like they are giving free labels with it :shock:

I wouldn’t worry too much. Beer is pretty frakkin forgiving. I just bottled a batch that I brewed a couple of months back. My brew partner left town and I moved (beer too, in the carboy), so I couldn’t do anything with my beer for awhile. I had dry hopped a batch (A generic palish ale with MO and amber malt, Nottingham yeast, Appollo/Glacier hopped, Glacier dry hopped) a week or so before all of this, just got to bottle it week before last. The Glacier sat in cold crashed beer for something like 8 weeks. I was sure it would taste like a mouthful of green leaves. On top of that, when I went to rack it I discovered that my buddy had taken both of our auto siphons, so I had to suck start my racking process through a piece of hose with nothing to keep the hops out. It was so sloppy that a couple of the bottles wound up with visible leaf bits in it. Guess what? It tastes great. A lot of the dry hop aroma has dissipated, but it’s actually a well balanced, malty, tasty brew, with no detectable vegetal taste. I’m sure your beer will be fine. I’m holding off on further bottling until my new siphon shows up.

[quote=“uberculture”]If anything, it’s been fermenting too cold (59-61 degrees…[/quote]If that’s the ambient temp then you’re spot on since fermentation adds a couple or four degrees to the beer. What yeast?

I was using the wyeast 1272… it probably was an appropriate temperature, but I was just worried, since I saw steady bubbling in the airlock for a few days instead of the normal immediate crazy fermentation that peters out quickly. Once primary fermentation is done, is there a worry about letting it sit at that low a temperature?