Draft Brewer Snap Tap

I just ordered one of these for summer. It looks like a good option for taking a keg to partys. I was wondering how they work and about serving co2 pressure. Thanks

I do not have one, but I would keep the beer as cold as possible and serve with the lowest amount of pressure possible. Since there is no line restriction, you’ll need to do those things to minimize foaming.

Have you used it much? Is it worth it or is it just a pain in a**?

I bought them originally for parties and they worked great. I recently got a new fridge that the wife will not let me drill through, so I attached them to the kegs in the fridge and they work great. I lowered the pressure a bit as the instructions said and I had no problem with foaming. So far I am very happy with them.

I have something like that for years. All you got was the adapter so you had to supply the faucet and QD (quick disconnect). I had a round cooler that just fit a corny keg making a nice portable set up for 5 gallons. Stuck the tap on top, hooked up a small CO2 tank and it was ready to go. It did work better if the beer was not highly carbonated and the cooler stuffed with ice though.