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DR IPA Question

I brewed the 1 Gallon DR IPA kit and left it in primary (bottle) for two weeks.

I added a half cup of sugar during the boil.

Fermentation appeared to work great - ran consistently for about a week.

At the end of two weeks - I siphoned off a half cup and did a specific gravity check.
Prior to fermentation - it measured 1.065
After fermentation it measures 1.00

That seems a little low to me.

Also… the sample I poured from the cup into the SG measuring tube developed a cream colored head on it - like it was carbonated.

The beer is so cloudy - I decided to put the primary in the refrigerator for a week or so to see if I can get the solids to fall out of it. A few minutes after putting it in the fridge - it started fermenting again - bubbled in the airlock.

Should I be concerned about carbonation taking place in primary? or the low Gravity reading?

I also brewed a 1 gallon batch of Caribou Slobber - and sad to say I don’t think it went well.
SG started at 1.065 currently at 1.02 - but it has large chunks of something (pencil eraser size) suspended in the solution - I also put it in the fridge to see if I can get the solids to sink - if they don’t then - I’ll have to look for someway to filter it.

I chilled my samples used for the Gravity reading - the DR IPA has a lot of alcohol in it and tasted like a light IPA - the caribou slobber didn’t have much of a beer taste - but maybe bottle conditioning for a few weeks will help that?

I have to mention - following the instructions for both kits was easy and straight forward - it’s fun brewing your own beer, and these kits make it dead simple. Thanks NB!


1st off the batch of Caribou Slobber sounds like its normal. 1.020 is ok for that just a little high. the floating stuff is yeast that has flocked together with trube and c02. you have to let it ferment for at least 10 days if not 20 before checking it. now for the bad news, the ipa is probably infected with the gravity that low. I would say you got some bugs in there. heads up, do not cross contaminate the 2 beers with your tubing or other stuff or you may end up replacing all your stuff because bad bugs. PS you may have put the batch of Caribou Slobber in the fridge too fast, sounds like it was still fermenting. my best advice is to take the batch of Caribou Slobber out and give it a week. hang in there it gets better.

About a month after bottling the beers, they will taste their best. Keep that in mind so you have some left when they are really good.

Thanks for the input grainey.

Is there any way to determine if my IPA is infected other than Gravity readings?


Taste it and smell it.

the 1st thing I would do is check the web and find photos there. read the info out there and then taste the beer. if it tastes bad and you do not like it toss it, start over. most if not all beer that is infected will get worse with time, not better.

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