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Doubling a Recipe Question

I am doubling a recipe for a Munich Helles–the original makes 5.5 gallons. When I used the “scale” feature in BeerSmith the quantities of everything doubled (as expected) EXCEPT the hops. The original recipe used 31 grams at 4.0% AA. The scaled-up version uses 88 grams at 4.0%.

Is this normal? Is there a decrease in hops utilization that accounts for the need for additional quantities?

The recipe for the 5.5 gallon batch is pretty straight forward (150 mash):

10 lbs Pilsener (continental)
0.75 lbs Munich
0.25 lbs Melanoidin
31 g Hallertau at 4.0% for 18.1 IBU’s

I was expecting to just double everything–and I want to make sure I didn’t mess something up or forget to change something in BeerSmith.

If anything I would expect the hop quantity to decrease with a multiple of the recipe. A 40% increase doesn’t sound right. Frankly from 5.5 to 11 gallons I would just double everything and not worry about it. Yes it’s a bigger batch but in the grand scale of things 5 and 10 gallons is close enough to not be concerned.

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