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Double IPA

Just finished turning my cooler into a MT. Tomorrow I’m doing my first AG kit. It’s got
14lbs. of grain and calls for 1qt. water/lb. grain for the mash, then ½ gal./lb. for a
fly sparge. I’m doing a batch sparge so I could use some help. From what I think I have
learned here I should more of 4-4½ gal. mash. then maybe 2½-3 gal. for sparge. Does
this seem right to get 5-5¼ gallons after 60 min. boil?

Mashwater 3.3 is useful to get your water calculations.

Depending on the dead space in the MT, boil off rate… You may need up to 8 gallons.

Should help a bit.

Thanks. If I understand correctly, I may have to do 1-3 sparges to reach pre boil
volume after the mash until you know your system. Also would it be correct to
assume that the grains have absorbed all the liquid they can during the mash that
you get a 1:1 ratio of return of your sparge water into wort?

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