Double IPA racked over 5lbs of pineapple

I just recently brewed a Double Ipa using Citra and cascade, about 11lbs of malt extract (golden 9lbs lme, 2lbs dme) used Wyeast Northwest Ale because they my brew store was out of California V.

Anyways after 13 days in the primary I racked it into the secondary over 5 -6lbs of pastuerized pineapple, and dry hopped 2oz (1oz citra, 1oz cascade) , now we’re 3 days later and I’m amazed at this layer of bubbles that’s formed between my hops and the beer, I assume its from the sugars in the pineapple that’re fermenting, however I’m worried this may cause my dryhopping to be a bust since all the hops is staying at the top.


Yeah, the CO2 bubbles can actually scrub some of the aromatics from the dry hops, and the active yeast kicked up by the fresh fermentation can pull out more when the yeast drops out of suspension. Next time it would be better to rack to secondary with the pineapple, wait for fermentation to slow again, and then dry hop.

But that does sound really good!

Yeah, right after I dumped the hops in I realized this could be bad, however I wanted to have the brew ready for a campout in a few weeks, thus why I rushed the dry hopping.

Oh well, we’ll see how it turns out, and next time i’ll probably do exactly how you said, wait for the fermentation to die down and then dry hop.

This sounds like it is going to be great. Let us know how it turns out!

Any news on this one yet? I’m dying to hear the results:) :cheers: