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Double duty lager chamber

I have fermentation chamber set to 45 and my lagers happily bubbling away at 50. So it’s a nice temperature for some ESB of which I have serving off a picnic. Anyone else do it like this and is there any yeast that likes it colder. I’m using 34/70 now

Only other yeast to my knowledge is Danish lager yeast 2042 it lowest temp is 46 degrees but I had it going strong at 40 degrees

I did do some thing very similar for a while, but it was at cold crashing time. Now that I went to 10 gallon brews, I only have room for 2-6.5 gallon fermenters… So I have to drink one keg, then the other one can fit in an upright fridge, so the freez-mentor is open for brewing. Thats gotta change this summer… I have 10 kegs and need dedicated keezer… Sneezles61

Yea I’m on the lookout for a bigger freezer. My kegerator holds two my kezzer holds 2 fermenters or 1 five and 2 threes so I’m always moving stuff around.

My ideal keezer would hold 6 pin lock kegs… 3 on tap, 3 just waiting… carbing… We have a split level house, and under the stairs I am fixing this area for a cool cellar area too! Sneezles61

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