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Double dry hopping

Gonna rack my beer this weekend…should I put the hop pellets on the bottom of my secondary and then rack the beer into it? Or rack it first and then throw the pellets in after…or does it not matter either way? Thanks! I’ll take any other tips as well

I would bag them, using a large enough bag to ensure total saturation. I go 3-5 days as most studies show total effectiveness without the chance of vegetative flavors with prolonged contact. Often I will use glass marbles to weigh down the bag.

I’m actually going to double dry hop. I was going to do 5 days And then 3 days on the second round. Should I remove the first round before putting in the second?

No, just leave them. Also, I would add them before racking.

There is some stuff to read of the big shooters that win awards… Russian River and Firestone Walker… They do hop after fermentation has calmed… Then they rack to the brightening tank,(secondary)… with then afterwards, they will toss in another mother load of hops… a few days before they keg… You have to just look and there are answers out there… Sneezles61

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I do add the dry hops. Ones i do rack to secondary. Hops first than the beer

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