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Double chocolate stout

A buddy of mine wants me to brew a double chocolate stout similar to the Young s double choc stout.

Watching a episode of brewing TV chip brewed a choc stout melting bakers chocolate.

So what I am asking is what stout would be best for a good base to making a chocolate stout, the young’s choc stout was very good almost taste like a chocolate tootsie pop.
I would really like to speed it along like Chip did and melt chocolate into the boil vs waiting out a secondary with nibs.
Also would like to use yeast I have on hand, You can see the yeasts I have in the beers I brewed in my sig, any help or suggestions welcome. and I extract brew only for now still new to the hobby and do not have the equipment yet, working on it though:>)


I just racked an Irish Stout extract kit into a keg last night. I added the bakers chocolate like Chip’s, and noticed quite a bit of aroma from that. I didn’t have a large enough taste to see how much flavor came through. I will know more by sunday. BTW, that was just a straigh Brewers Best kit with dry yeast.

I’ve got a NB chocolate milk stout right now in secondary on nibs. I added vanilla and a 4 oz bar of 100% @15 mins. I also added an extra 1/2# of carapils to the grain bill. I sampled at transfer, and the chocolate, milk and body were already evident. It tasted like it was already set for a transfer to kegs! Cant wait to try the finished product after sitting on nibbs for a few weeks.

How much vanilla did you add to that one?

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