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Double brew day!

I took the day off to brew and decided to do to beers at once, staggered by 45 min. Let’s just hope me thinking I have enough propane doesn’t come and bite me in the butt later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note, this is the first time using a refractometer and holy cow is that nice! Wish I would have bought one sooner!

Dang man! I was sitting at work trying to think of excuses to get out of here and brew…and you post this!!!
Good luck with the brew!

Thanks. With a kid, free time is limited, plus I’m burning up my vacation because I got a new job!

Not using a hydrometer is beyond me. Would never think to not use one.

So did you get that gig we talked about when we met at Glockenspiel?
Either way congrats!

When I was brewing extracts, I would often do two beers the same day. It was easy and only added an extra 60-90 minutes to my brew session instead of 4-4.5 when you start fresh. It got my pipeline full pretty fast!

Just think if you get a rig set up. I did 4 batches last saturday.

I’m usually tapped out energy wise after two batches. 4 batches just sounds ridiculous!

I built a pumped single tier brewtus style stand recently, and there is not anymore work with a pumped stand from doing 1 batch or 4. I turned on a movie marathon. 6 Hours and done.

I started around 730, and I was done a little after 12 with cleanup and everything. These were both all grain. I think what helped out was I had all my grains and mash water measured out the night before. All I had to do this morning was light the burners and crush the grains. I may have to do this more often. :cheers:

So did you get that gig we talked about when we met at Glockenspiel?
Either way congrats![/quote]

Same job I talked to you about. I’m super pumped!

Nice !

I had a comp day today so I brewed a single batch this morning starting a 8am…Now the wait begins…

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