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Double Batching in Same Fermenter

Howdy fellas,

Quick question.

Brewed up five gals, split between two carboys. Day two, going nicely.

I’d like to drop another 2.5 gals into each carboy. Normally, I do this within 24 hours, but
I can’t this time.

Ever do this and would you think waiting 3-4 days would be a problem?
Any comments or notes on technique (such as, don’t splash or aerate after x amt of time, etc.) appreciated.


As long as they’re active, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’d aerate the new wort separately before adding it, but that’s probably just paranoia.

I think it should be fine. You’ll still have at least 50% of the sugars left, so the yeast will eat up the oxygen. I would be careful to make sure what you’re adding is close to the same temperature as what you’re adding it to. Let us know how it turns out.

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