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DoppleBock wont start fermentation after 2days

I made 6gallons of a 1080 dopplebock the night of jan 3rd… I took a half gallon and pitched WLP833 german bock yeast(best before jan 20th) and pitched that started the next morning into the 6 gallons and put it in the fridge at 48*. I shook the hell outtve that carboy a couple times now and I still am not seeing any ferm going on. so basically its been about 50 hrs.

Should I go get some saflager packs and throw them in there? no more WLP833 at my HBS

explain your process a little more. Are you saying that on January 3rd you took your vial of WLP833 and put that into a 1/2 gallon of the dopplebock wort, and THEN on the next day, January 4th you poured that 1/2 gallon wort and yeast into your carboy?

If that is the case, then I’m afraid you have shocked your yeast a bit by making them try to eat up such a high gravity wort right away. Plus, this is a lager, so it is going to take longer to get started and it is a bottom fermenting yeast. Also because it is a lager and a big one, you need a TON of yeast. Doesn’t sound like you have enough yeast cells to handle 6 gallons of 1.080 wort.

If I am wrong in my assumption, let us know and I’m sure we can help a little better.

Did your 1/2 gal starter show airlock activity or signs of fermentation? I think you need more yeast but not sure the best way to fix it.

I brewed a lager once and pitched only a vial. I dropped the temp too soon and it didn’t seem to be doing anything after a few days. So, I let the temp rise back to 70 deg and waited a couple more days. Finally, it began fermenting like crazy but then the temp was too high and it produced bad flavors for what I was going for.
Maybe raise the temp and check it often to lower it when it takes off.

I just brewed a doppelbock myself (1.107) and poured onto the yeast cake of another light bock I made. I ‘pitched’ at 48 deg and it was foaming within a couple hours. That’s the way to go!

I bet it starts up within the next 24 hours but you are already risking having some ester issues. I’d maybe find some dry yeast just in case and pitch it tomorrow if theres still no sign of activity.

You did a few things wrong here. First you really didn’t make a starter per se, you just tried to jump start the yeast. A starter is made with fairly weak wort, 1.040 not 1.080. It takes a couple of days to grow up at least, especially with a fairly old yeast pack. The “best by” date is usually three months or so from when it is fresh so you didn’t have great viability to begin with. Could’ve been OK with a good starter that was given time to grow up properly. Even at that you’d need closer to a gallon of starter for a really good pitch, lagers take more to get a clean result.

Good luck on the beer though, hopefully it will come alive pretty quick.

Hummel- yes that was my process.

thanks for the replies everyone, I learned my lesson. it was all of these things combined, high grav wort, not enuff yeast pitched, not enough time given. I did go and pick up 2 packs of safelager s23 earlier today and spinkled them into the carboy with a good shake. that was about 4pm today and it has since taken off in the fridge at 48*.

Ive had success before with WLP833 on another dopplebock and a baltic porter, but ive always used fresher yeast and made starters with DME. Dont know why I did anythign different…again, ive learnd my lesson. thanks again.

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