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Doppelbock anyone?

Now would be a good time to start looking at grain bills… I’m seeing that Munich malt is pretty much the base, just as brewing lighter brew, using pale malt or pilsner… Would the secondary malt be a pale malt then? Since wheat is a good staple in my brews, midnight wheat? Why don’t you kick this around, and weigh in… I may just stay with ale yeast… I can still lager when fermentation is wrapped up… Sneezles61

I’ve only brewed doppelbock once. mine was probably 85% munich, 10% pils, 5% c60…maybe a little carafa special for color…can’t remember.

Midnight Wheat would be a good choice, I would think, to give a dark hue without the burnt/roasted taste that would be inappropriate in a Doppelbock. Haven’t used it yet but scaling it for desired SRM with one of the brewing programs would be easy.

60%munich 30% pale malt 9.5%wheat .5% chocolate malt. .072 OG gets me around 8%abv. I bitter with Magnum and finish with mittelfrue. @dannyboy58 reported me on my IBU s so do what you like. This is one I brew every winter. Just had a bottle yesterday love this beer.

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My guess earlier was off a little. Here’s the actual recipe. Mashed at 154. 11 gals in the fermenters. My notes say 1.074 finished at 1.020.

22 lbs 12.0 oz Avangard Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain 1 68.7 %
6 lbs 8.0 oz Avangard Best Malz Pilsner Malt (1.9 SRM Grain 2 19.6 %
3 lbs 8.0 oz Caraamber (Weyermann) (36.0 SRM) Grain 3 10.6 %
6.0 oz Carafa Special II (Weyermann) (415.0 SRM Grain 4 1.1 %
1.00 oz Hallertau Magnum [13.00 %] - Boil 60.0 m Hop 5 17.6 IBUs
0.80 oz Hallertau [5.30 %] - Boil 20.0 min Hop 6 3.5 IBUs
2.0 pkg Bavarian Lager (Wyeast Labs #2206) [124. Yeast 7 -

The jack booted german brewing enforcers will be paying you a visit to “discuss” your transgressions.

I’ve been looking over my shoulder all day

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This is great… now U R americanizing it a bit… Narcing each other out! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll do some deciphering… Sneezles61

My recipe above is inspired by Jamil’s Mr. Maltinator but Jamil used a lot of ingredients sourced in the US. I used all german grains and hops as well as a bavarian lager yeast because I just wanted to I thought about doing a decoction mash like the hockhurz I did with my last helles but opted for a shorter brew day.

A lot of doppelbock recipes I saw include wheat. I guess that’s for mouthfeel? You’ve done decoctions right @brew_cat? Do you like what you get from wheat better than the decoction?

I like wheat for the head retention and then as it tames that full bodied characters… I’ve done 2 decoction brews… and I couldn’t tell the diff from single infusion… maybe my palate isn’t refined enough… I’ve got a bunch of Vienna malt I would sub for the Munich… maybe… I’ll stick to an ale yeast… I have the Australian yeast, which produced a fabulous O-fest… hhhmmmm hops… Sneezles61

Well from what I’ve read decotion isn’t necessary with modern modified malts so I just add wheat. Gives it good body. I’m thinking of adding wheat to my pale ales

Yeah, your right… AS I read, a pilsner malt will benefit from a portion rest… My last brew, the split batch, I did a two step mash tho, half hour at 142, another, after a ramp up, at 158… Beta rest and the later, amylase rest… I can’t tell you if the taste was better or not, but, my final gravity came in at 1.006… Sneezles61

Still working over my grain bill… Still doing a 10 gallon batch… I haven’t any Munich left… Vienna tho… Sneezles61

Vienna lager/ale ? Call it what you want just don’t let @dannyboy58 get wind of it

:sunglasses: There… this is nobody

@brew_cat & @sneezles61 this is cyber bullying. I’m tellin’ the mods…hahaha

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You should have used the flag. :grinning:

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NO!!! not … “the flag” !! Sneezles61

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Unsportsmanlike like conduct 15 yards

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What… too many grains in the kettle? … I beg to differ… wheres my red flag to challenge!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Sneezles61

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