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Don't ya hate

We have a great host with great prices. Don’t like that AB InbBev bought them out but I digress…

I confess that I often buy yeast through another vendor because NB takes at least 3 days to get me my yeast once it ships. In summer, that’s a LONG time (in fact I’ve tried to convince them to open something in Columbus, OH since a major competitor has opened in PA not to mention we are 8 hour drive to 70% of the US population).

Any who I ordered yeast 7/3 from another vendor for the three beers I have planned for this weekend. They finally shipped today, but likely won’t make it tomorrow, and will sit until Monday. I had to go to a LHBS to buy the yeast. Three yeast @ $30! Don’t ya hate when this happens? I hardly use the LHBS place because it’s SLOW with only one worker, EXPENSIVE, and they often give advice that isn’t wrong per se, just opinionated (that 3oz of Citra in a 10 gal batch is WAY WAY to much).

I hate when this happens. Now, my yeast is going to arrive and I’ll have to figure out what to do with it. :wink:

It’s only $7.99 for the “we gonna make you wait” shipping. You can still upgrade to faster times.

Just to be clear it was another vendor, not NB. I should have paid the $60 overnight price! :confounded:

I’m lucky to have a cheap LHBS in Melbourne @ 15 Minutes away. Their price matches NB eg Wyeast smack packs for 6.99$

However Ive built up a decent yeast bank and haven’t had to buy yeast for awhile.


Yeah, when I order liquid yeast from NB, I always plan to order it on Friday. That way the few days it takes to process the order it typically arrives the following week. I have had too many times in the summer where I’ve ordered on a Monday, they’ve shipped on a Thursday and it sits all weekend before delivery Monday. Yes this is my choice based on my preferred shipping method with them, so I just try to plan my ordering better. My LHBS that’s close doesn’t stock any liquid yeast and the other one is 40ish minutes away. In the winter it’s not a big deal, I just need to plan a bit better to use liquid in the summer.


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I do buy most of my yeast from our local up in Duluth… Many years ago, I did order in the summer… The smack pack was ready to pitch when it got here… Thats was why I started building up the yeast as soon as I got it so I would have some, lurking in the fridge… ready for use… Obstacles to jump over sometimes, makes you get creative! Sneezles61

Living in the Twin Cities, I’m a bit spoiled: NB is my LHBS, and my struggle is trying to determine which store to visit when I need to pick up supplies.

My nearest LHBS Store is about an hour or so away but i,ve been burned a time or two by summertime shipments. I usually order dry yeast or do the drive…6.99 for liquid yeast here.

I’m ten minutes from NB St. Paul. I’ve never known the perils of homebrewing with supply chain issues.

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Some peeps can fall into a barrel of poop, come out sucking lollipop… Me, I could fall into a barrel of nipples and come out sucking my thumb… :disappointed: Sneezles61


Was it raining men into your barrel? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:dizzy_face:… Sneezles61

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