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Dont know

Ok here it is try to help the new guy on the block. But went there today with some fam. No beer on tap at all. Sucked bad. Me looked like a fool. Told him brew crazy untill enough.

I thought that volume would be problematic. Good sign that he’s selling out, though.

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@uberculture is right, that’s a good sign. Of course, if I remember correctly you only brewed 10gal batch. The important thing is that he finds a happy balance of brewing enough that he has beer on tap but it’s also turning over.

Yes its good you sell out everything you want to make cash. But my thought. Its bad when you dont have beer on tap when you are a brewery. And people walk away because you got nothing. So my thought. He needs to brew. Constant. I help him out once a while. Me got a regular job. And on my day off brew my own so my offer will be i work for him full time. Brew 5 days a week. He can run his bar rest brewery.

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Yer lucky in that you can do that… up here there isn’t a chance to switch jobs… I call it, wrapped around the axle of life. Ah, but retirement is less than 4 years away, then I’ll find something different to do with me time…. Brew more! Sneezles61


Well the way it goes for me. 7 more years. Of slave to the grind.

No beer on tap at a brewery would make you think “why would I come here again?” Same goes when you go to a store during their business hours to find them closed with no hint as to why.

A guy opened a micro near my home town while trying to keep his regular day job. I heard he was there every night until really late brewing then off to work in the morning. His hours were kind of after work times and weekend afternoons.Always had about 8 taps going when I was there. I have to give him credit for the amount of work and time he put into it but I guess that goes with the territory.

Think I will stick with retired and brew when I feel like it.

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Yes indeed. Did talk with him yesterday. You do it the right way. Or not at all. Make sure you got brew on tap. And your fermenters full. His answer. He does not want to get a brew burn out. Maybe i dont understand. Than dont call your place the brewery.

Brew burnout? Does he want to actually make money at this?

Mmm that was my thought. Did told him. I can help you than you focus on your bar rest.

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