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Don't buy these for any reason

Fermenter’s favorite fizz drops. ... -8-oz.html

Our host sells them. They will not fit down the neck of even a 16oz. swing top.
See my next post.

Hate those big drops. They’re crap! Time and again I’ve had overcarb issues using them. 2 of those larger drops in a 22oz bottle is WAY too much. I started using the smaller drops that call for 3, 4, 5 drops depending on the CO2 level needed. Much better, IMO. Haven’t had an issue since switching.

I’ve used them in 16 oz swingtops and they work just fine. Now, you can’t adjust the carbonation level, but for the few extra beers you want to bottle after kegging a 6 gallon batch, they work and they are easy.

I could see maybe one drop in a 16oz bottle, but one in a 12oz bottle or two in a 22oz bottle is just too much carbonation, IMO.

I’ve never bought them, but they do come with NB’s 1 gallon extract kits, which I’ve brewed a few of. Never had a problem getting them to fit into the bottles (standard 12 oz), but they seemed to carbonate some batches more than others. Dead Ringer and Sierra Madre both came out with good carbonation, but the Saison du Miel was a little overcarbbed. I wouldn’t use them for a full 5 gallon batch, but for the 1 gallon batches where you’re only getting about 8 bottles worth, they work fine.

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