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Doles tropical fruit salad

Is what my latest IPA smells and tastes like…golden promise and a bit of Munich I and white wheat to 1.072. Bittered with magnum to fifty ibu…equal parts of idaho7, azzaca, wai iti, and galaxy at 5 min, flameout, dryhop during primary and in the keg. Wy1272 at 64 until krausen started falling…then up to 72 for both dry hops.

Don’t know what doles fruit salad smells like but the recipe sounds good

So is that a good thing or bad thing? Is fruid salad what you were going for?

I used to skip the fruit and drink the juice out of the can when i was a kid :grinning: Didnt know i would get this from these hops…but i like it.

Sugar rush

You could dole out some samples for us to try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Disclaimer: I don’t have a day job to quit.


I’ve never used any of those hops except of course magnum. Sounds interesting.

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