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Doing a double batch today

I used the calculator to see if I had enough room in my 12 gallon mash tun for 26lbs of grain at 1.1 qt/lb. and I did with 2 or 3 inches to spare. Their strike temp calculator was spot on. Now I’m drinking coffee and waiting to drain. I’ll have to sparge twice to get my 13 gallons I’m shooting for. 7 my 10gal pot and 6 in my 8gal. Most of you don’t care but I’m writing it down here to try and keep it straight in my head. I’m doing a saison and a Belgian blonde.

Good luck! I’ve never done 2 batches at once, I run around like a chicken with my head cut with just one batch.

Double that. My daughter called long distance just as my timer went off for the mashout process just to make it more interesting. Got the first boil going . Doing the saison first. Probably should have done the Belgian first. The saison has less boil editions which would help when during the cooling and pitching process.

Chilled brew 1, 1st addition done in brew 2. Everything going smoothly. Even had time for some home brew.

I did 3 batches this weekend. Started Friday at 7 pm with a Mongoose IPA extract kit and was done and cleaned up by 10 pm. Started at about 8 am Saturday and did all-grain Vandal Eyes and Innkeeper kits. Hit all my numbers and was done and cleaned up by 4 pm.

Drank one beer with dinner and basically went to bed at 7 pm. Been a looong time since I did more than one batch in a day let alone 3 in 24 hrs. Now I remember why.

Started 9:10 ended 3:30 all tucked in. So far I’m pleased. My OG was right on and I have 10 gallons fermenting. It added about an hour to brew day so instead of 2 five hour days. Now I’m relaxing in the shade drinking some well earned brew. Next time I will pack a lunch though. 8)

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