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Does this OG seem right?

I made the Dunkelweizen NB kit. I added 1lb of chocolate wheat as a specialty grain. The kit has a target OG of 1.053 but mine came in at 1.060. Is that pretty standard OG increase? I didn’t expect it to go up that much. I usually like my beers a little more sessiony. Yes…sessiony is a word.

  1. Did you adjust your hydrometer reading for temperature?

  2. Did you add all the extract at the beginning?

  3. How precise was your volume into the fermenter?

  1. N0 - But with adjustment it came to 1.0625
  2. No - Half at start then the other half of extract at 15 mins to go along with a 1lb of DME
  3. Yes - It was 5 gallons

How does when I add the extract effect the OG?

Learn something new everyday on this forum:). Can’t wait till I get to answer the questions for someone else.

Assuming you topped off to get to 5G, you must not have mixed the wort and water completly…NBD, If your volume was correct and you added all the extract, your OG will be what the recipe says it will be.

Was the # of DME extra? That would be the difference if it was.

The # of specialty grains was extra. I just didn’t think a 20 min soak would raise the OG as much as it seemed to do,

This is a pretty likely explanation.

The later you add the extract, the more difficult it is to mix it in perfectly and get a precise gravity reading. When I do partial mashes, I often add the extract at flameout, and I’ve quit taking gravity readings then because of this. Instead, I take a preboil gravity reading to get my effiency numbers, and then I use BeerSmith to figure out what the extract added.

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