Does this look right? Fermentation 5 days

I did my first brew Saturday, and finished around 5pm. I made sure to clean absolutely everything with hot water and star san. I peaked inside the bucket because I was adjusting the airlock, and noticed something weird. Does this look okay for about 5 days? This is a 3 gallon all grain brew, I have it fermenting in a refrigerator with a temperature controller and it has steadily been around 65-68 degrees. The first day it got up to about 70 and had lots of airlock activity the first three days, and has been very little start of day 5. Anyways any input would be great. Thanks !! ... 6.JPG?dl=0 ... 7.JPG?dl=0 ... 8.JPG?dl=0 ... 9.JPG?dl=0 ... 0.PNG?dl=0

What’s weird? Most of that crap will drop out. When your sure it’s done fermenting bottle it up. Looks like your doing everything right. :cheers:

Looks totally normal, that’s a reasonable amount of time for fermentation to be mostly over with healthy yeast. I usually leave mine in primary for 10-14 days anyway, because the yeast will clean up after themselves and reduce any off flavors that might be present from the initial fermentation. That gives you some time to dry hop if you want to (mostly styles like IPA’s, pale ales, etc) and will let more of the yeast settle out. If you have a fridge you can put it in or a swamp cooler with ice water you can cold-crash it after 10 days or so to help settle everything out as well.