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Does size matter?

Around April 15th I planted two Cascade and two Fuggles rhizomes that I ordered from NB. Within a week all had srpouted. The Cascades are both between 7 and 8 feet tall and the Fuggles are around 5 ft. I noticed in some of the pics on the Hop Growing Thread 2012!!! thread that the leaves on some of the plants are 4 to 5 inches across. The largest leaves on my plants are only 3-4 inches across. Is this because the plants are still only about half of their expected mature height, or do I need to provide more nutrition? I live near Atlanta and we have had pretty hot, dry weather lately. I water at least 1 every other day if not every day. Any advice would be welcome as this is my first attempt at growing hops.
Thanks :cheers:

These are first year hops? Keep doing what you’re doing. You may or may not get hop cones this year, but eventually, you will get bigger leaves and such.

I’ve seen tons of variability in just about every respect during the establishment year. From planting time to emergence, number of shoots that come up, girth of shoots, vigor of vine growth, cones/no cones etc… They just do a bunch of crazy things while getting established. As long as they’re green and look relatively healthy, you’re fine. Once the plants mature (could be 3 years) you’ll see them growing at their best with most all of the characteristics of that particular variety showing. Grow on!


I planted Cascade, Columbus and Galena this year. Cascade bines are eye level, Galena is waist high at best and Columbus is only 3-4" tall. I’ll worry next year.

Naah, you dont have anything to worry about, the leaves will get bigger along with plant

shizzy, no matter what you think now, next year you’ll most likely be scratching your head wondering what to do with all your hops. Remember, we’ve still got a few months of growing season left and those little rhizomes are trying to do a lot of stuff (grow roots, grow shoots and they’re getting the urge to try to flower now that the days are getting shorter). They may look scrawny now but you’re in for a big surprise next year. Now go have a beer!

don’t confuse me with the O.P. I have not one worry about my hops. I’m full ware that any cones I get this year are a bonus.

No problem, I just saw the part about ‘worrying next year’ so I thought I’d throw some stuff out there. Happy Growing!

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