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Does RO or distilled water contain chloramine?

Can either reverse osmosis or distilled water contain chlroramine? Is campden used for any other brewing function than to remove chloramine?

RO and distilled water are free of chloramine.

Campden has more than one use for brewing:

First, it takes out chlorine, as you were probably alluding to.

Second, it is an effective sanitizer. It is used extensively in wine, mead, and cider, because it allows the “must” or raw juice to be sanitized without boiling – heat is undesirable for these because a lot of flavor of a good wine, mead, or cider comes from volatiles that would be lost in a boil. It can also be used for cleaning and rinsing equipment and bottles like One-Step, but I haven’t heard people using it that way too much, except maybe for washing their fruit before it’s mashed up, etc.

Third, it is used as a stabilizer, again for wine, mead, and cider. Basically it is used to stun or kill the yeast near the end of fermentation so that some residual sweetness or backsweetening can be performed without the bottles turning into gushers.

Very handy stuff to have around, especially if you think you will ever try your hand at non-beer beverages.

And chloramine too, BTW.

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