Does gelatin prevent reusing yeast?

I am bottling a couple batches this weekend and when I bottle I use gelatin to clarify.Will this prevent me from reusing the yeast as I was going to rack a Belgian Wit onto the 3711 from my Farmhouse Biere DeTable. thank you.

The gelatin should just cling to the proteins and precipitate out. Sometimes it happens in nasty little (or big) globules. I can’t see how it would inhibit cell growth or coat the cell wall, but maybe someone else can.

Can I ask why you are putting a wit onto a saison cake? Is your fermentation stuck?

Why you ask? Laziness.
I have the perfect storm this weekend of 10 gallons to be bottled ( no empty kegs and I’m try to build up inventory for summer)., and brewing a modified version of the le petite orange adding coriander and orange peel to make a la petite Orange Blanche(white/Wit).
As Wyeast did not offer the 3725 this spring I brewed the Farmhouse Biere Detable using the 3711. I thought I would rack directly onto the cake and see what I get.
In my current yeast inventory I have cultures of
Am Ale 1272
Ger Ale 1007
Old Ale 9097
Neo Brit. 1945 My go to house yeast
Am Wheat 1010
belgian Saison 3711

My plan was to do prep during mash, bottle during chill and oxygenation, and rack onto the cake reducing the exposure as much as possible. I don’t want to have an 8 hour brew day. let me know what you think.

I’ve repitched gel’d yeast many times with no noticeable issues.

I’ve can’t comment on the gelatin, but I would advise against a wit on 3711.

I brewed a wit with 3711 and FG was 1.000. It was too dry, and the coriander was very dominant, almost astringent.

Can you get 3944? BTW, I used the same recipe for both yeasts, and 3944 was superior by far.

Maybe the Am. wheat would work.