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Does dry yeast sink off the bat?

Hi, I’m new to brewing. Today was my first brew day. Got the delux starter kit from NB. Did everything in the Irish Ale Kit according to directions… Just not sure about what yeast is supposed to do directly after adding to the wort. The 6.5 gal. fermenter was about 75 degrees F, and ready to pitch the yeast. I did the dry sprinkling on top and yeast stayed there for a bit on top. Temp dropped down now to the optimum range (as specified on the pack) and the wort with yeast is at a temp of about mid 60s. The yeast is now all on the bottom of the barrel and am not sure if this is how it’s supposed to act or if I should find new yeast asap, because brewing this batch up to this point was no easy feat. Any help is greatly appreciated. I did try to research on google and other related forum posts with no success. Thank you.

You’re good.

It takes several hours at least before you will see any visible activity from the yeast. In some cases it could take two days. Be patient and it will be fine.

Sounds perfect.
Within another day or two, you’ll see the krausen come up, white-to-brown, like someone went ape with a can of ready-wip. That’s how yeast declare, “this is where the party is happening!”

Thanks all for the reply and knowledge! I am happy to proclaim that the yeast has started its work! Overnight the Krausen (i think that’s what its called) has formed and the C02 is bubbling through the airlock. First brew so far, so I was a little anxious on how the yeast is to perform. Looking up how to work better with the yeast, be it through a starter, and other forms of adding to the wort. Happy brewing and God bless!

The best advice you’ll get is to let it go and do its thing. If you don’t have a hydrometer, I suggest you get one so you can know for sure when the fermentation is complete. If not, just let it go for a few weeks and do your best to let it settle down for certain. It may appear to be done after a week, let it go for two more. It’ll be tough to resist bottling it fast!

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