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Does Deschutes Bottle Condition any beers?

Anyone out there know if it’s possible to culture Deschutes house yeast out of any of their beers.

i dont think they do. but i could be wrong. they use english ale yeast

heres a cool link for some deschutes recipes

after looking around i think they use WLP002 (or WY1968) for a lot of their beers

I’m lousy at putting together recipes, but if anybody ever reverse engineers the Jubelale recipe from the info that Deschutes puts out, I’m all over it.

Deschutes says that Ringwood is the closest yeast to their house yeast. They also bottle condition BB Porter, Jubelale, and Obsidian Stout, although they did not say whether it was with their house yeast. I’ll give Ringwood a try in the Mirror Pond clone and if that doesn’t come close I may try to culture from a bottle. Also found a Jubelale clone on Homebrewtalk posted by none other than Denny. Here is the link. … le-138876/

i was told ringwood also by a couple of their brewers, seams to work well in my cinder cone red clone attempts.

Id trust their brewers more than my sources (the internet). I might have to pick up some ringwood. Any luck getting close to cinder come? I’d love to try making that beer

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