Does cold-crashing preclude bottle conditioning?

I just did my first all grain brew. It was basically BIAB as I only did 2 gallons. I took an American pilsener and hopped it with a 1/2 oz. of Cascade at 60, and another 1/2 oz. at 15 on a 60 minute boil. Was supposed to hit an OG of 1.044, but got 1.052! I guess doing a dough in and mashout really helped my efficiency! The thing is, it is cloudy as hell! Can I still bottle condition after cold crashing? or is there not enough yeast in suspension? And if I do cold crash it, do I want to get it off the cake first into a secondary? Or can I just put it in there like that?


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Yes, you can bottle condition after cold crashing. You don’t have to rack first, but you can if you want to. Even if you do rack, you’ll should have plenty of yeast in suspension to bottle condition.

Thanks! It’s not that important on the 1 gallon test batches, but I have 5 gallons of extra pale ready to go, just cloudy, and I would be PISSED if it didn’t carbonate. I know, I need to go keg, but that will have to wait a while…

Do I need to warm it up to room temp before bottling? or can I just go cold?

Thanks again!