Does CO2 get old?

I used to brew many years ago and now I am getting back into the fun. I have an old CO2 cylinder still loaded with CO2. Does CO2 age, does it get old? It is probably about 14 years old. Should I use it or get new CO2?

I don’t think co2 would go bad, especially if it was kept at a high pressure and did not leak.

However, I would be concerned for sure about the tank. When gases expand, they cool and can form condensation. It would be a long shot, but you are talking a long time in 14 years in warming and cooling. I would get the tank hydro tested, or see if a gas company will exchange it for an up to date one - my opinion is why take a chance for a few bucks?

Good point regarding the aging tank…. Thanks for the response.

I agree that the tank will be outdated before the C02 would ever be. In my area, a 20# tank costs about $20 to exchange. If your tank is old It’ll cost $18 for a hydro test.

Like the others said, it’s not the CO2, it’s the tank. Go to your local gas supplier and trade it for a new one. My local Matheson Gas dealer doesn’t care about the hydro dates or anything, so it’s a clean swap whenever I find some skanky old tank in a scrap yard or restaurant supply house.