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Does CaraPils Need To Be Mashed?

On homebrewtalk there is a chart that states CaraPils does NOT need to be mashed BUT on howtobrew it states CaraPils does NEED to be mashed.

Does CaraPils need to be mashed and if it does can I just put it in a hop sock in 155 F degrees for 30 mins or do I need to full on mash it?

If it does need a mash I plan on mashing it with Honey malt.

Here is my grain bill for my partial mash: (note that this bill is for 5 gallons but I will be scaling down to a 1 gallon batch)

(5 lbs) Wheat extract
(.5 lbs) CaraPils
(.5 lbs) Honey malt

Can you give a link to the “How to Brew” reference? ... Itemid=398

Under “dextrin malt”

If all of these kilned malts need to be mashed(according to the how to brew link), then why are they included in some of NB’s extract + steeping grains kits? Recently I’ve brewed extract kits that come with carapils and biscuit malt.

CaraPils does not need to be mashed per Briess

[quote=“Briess”]• Carapils® Malt has the full glassiness of a caramel malt without color and flavor.
• Carapils® Malt is devoid of enzymes and can be steeped in hot water or mashed.[/quote]

Biscuit malt most certainly should be mashed.
You can get away with not mashing a small percentage of it… and frankly, if you are steeping with relative control (eg 150-155F for at least 30minutes) you most likely will get some conversion of starch, so in the end you’re doing more good than harm by including it.

Carapils malt from Briess can be steeped. However, most dextrin malts need to be mashed with base malts.

When you buy dextrin malt, make sure you know which maltster produced it, and check if it can be steeped in an extract recipe.

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