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Does canned pumpkin affect preboil gravity readings?

Been doing some research and really haven’t found the answer.

I am using 6-row along with the canned pure pumpkin but wondering if anyone knows the math on how pumpkin will (if it does) affect the preboil gravity readings.

You may get a few gravity points from the pumpkin but either way the reading is what it is

If you add it to the mash, you will get some sugar from it. That’s the reason adjuncts like pumpkin made it into beer originally - they provide a cheaper source of sugars. But to get significant sugar from the pumpkin you have to make sure the enzymes from the malt can convert the starches to sugars. Depending on what starch you are adding that might require some specific processing steps to achieve, and I don’t know the details for pumpkin.

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