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Does Beer Clear/Condition easier carbbed or flat?

So I have an APA that is around a month out of the fermenter now and it is still cloudy as hell. The beer is kegged. I usually ferment for 3 weeks to allow for clearing, but rushed this to 2 to get it in for a competition. It was cloudy right away but still entered the beer since I already paid and wanted flavor feedback. Got dinged for being cloudy…not a surprise :slight_smile:

Ok, finally to my question…does beer clear/condition easier under carbonation or flat?

I had an amber ale around a year ago that was cloudy and it took a few months to clear up and actually I won a 1st place award with it. So I’m sure this beer will eventually clear up. But i was wondering if I should take it off the CO2 and bleed the keg cause the lack of carbonation will help to settled out whatever is making it cloudy faster.

I believe the cloudiness is due to my run-off and likely having too much stuff get thorugh the mash. So I’m not looking for cloudy remedies. Just looking for opinions on if people think a carbbed or flat beer will clear faster.


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