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Does anyone have a beer recipe that tastes like moosehead

Both me and my father brew beer but we both have different tastes. The only beer we both enjoy is moosehead so I’m trying to find a recipe that would taste close to it, then I’d make some small changes here and there. thanks in advance…

Every Moosehead I’ve ever had was skunked. It took me years to realize it isn’t supposed to taste like that. Does that happen to be the flavor you’re looking for?

I’d have to agree with the “skunk” comment. I quit drinking it because of that. Now I see they offer it in cans. I have to see if we can get them around here, and see if it made a difference. Can’t help much on the recipe. Never really considered it. Cheers!!!

OG 1.050, 25 IBUs

95% pils or two-row
5% carapils

Mash at 150°F for 90 min

Clusters for bittering

Saaz at 15 and 5 min


Ferment at 50°F for 3 weeks

Rack to a clear carboy

Place carboy outside in the sun for the afternoon

Bring back inside

Keg or bottle

I suspect the “skunk” taste is developed by exposure to the sun. I guess the skunk juice syndrome’s a Canadian thing. I notice the same thing with Molsen — awful. I only tried Molsen one time and was put off by the that taste. I attributed it to sitting too long on the supermarket shelf and being exposed to the store lights, but maybe it’s intentional.

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