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Does any one make a check valve for gas line?

Every once in a while I forget and hook my gas line to a keg of greater pressure blasting beer up the line into regulator. It’s a pain in the butt taking everything apart to clean.

So, how about an inline check valve allowing only one way flow. I can’t find it on web. Does anybody make one?

Check Williams brewing. I just saw one in a catalog that I was scanning through this morning before discarding. ... valve.html

I’ve got a couple of these installed on the gas splitter in my system. Can’t blast pressure from one keg into the other or into the regulator.

Alot of the ball valves have them. Just confirm before you buy. NB, Midwest, Keg Connections have them.

They’re handy for multiple lines.

Thanks everybody, ill be ordering one.

See also: … 4-mfl.html

If you just want to stick some in your lines, these are cheap (< $1 each): ... &catid=489

[quote]Item #: 64048

Polypropylene and Kynar® housing with Viton® diaphragm. Will work with vacuum between 2 and 29 in. Hg. and pressures from 1 psi up to 150psi. .5 lb. cracking pressure on all sizes and materials.[/quote]

I’ve been using them in my DIY tap for 6L TAD bottles and 3L soda bottles, and they seem to work well. I was a bit leery at that price, but I guess they are a simple mold/spring/diaphragm and a commodity part at commodity prices.

You can see how I use them here:



All the NB manifolds come with ball/check valves.

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