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Dodged a bullet

I was planning on transferring my red and brewing Smashing Pumpkin over this past weekend. Time and schedules conspired against us, and it wasn’t until dinnertime Sunday night that we got to transferring the red into the secondary. I filled the bucket with PBW and proceeded to forget all about it. This morning there is PBW all over my freaking kitchen. The bucket sprang a slow leak at the base, and overnight drip-dripped about 1.5 gal of PBW.

I say I dodged a bullet. PBW comes up easy with a few towels. I can’t imagine what the cleanup or smell would be like if that was unfermented, yeasty, pumpkin ale with real pumpkin added. I’ve had ant-based annoyances all summer; can you imagine laying out that smorgasbord?! We’d just have to move out.

Good save!

Plus no lost time spent on a batch going to waste. Sometimes we get lucky!

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