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Do you recommend a starter for 1059 Irish blonde ale?

I have the NB Irish Blonde Ale extract kit. Do you recommend a starter for this ? I didn’t see it
recommended on the directions. It has an OG of 1059.


I would… wouldn’t have to be too big though, depending on the age of the yeast. Use MrMalty to figure out the size.

yes. without a doubt if you are using liquid yeast.

Assuming you are using Wyeast 1084 not the Safale 04 dry yeast option and it is an activator packet you could get away without. Wyeast says [quote]The Activator™ is designed to directly inoculate 5 gallons of standard strength ale wort (1.034-1.060 SG)[/quote]

That said, it is never a bad thing to make a starter. It will insure a quick start and strong fermentation. I usually do 20 gal so stepping up a smack pack is second nature to me but if I was doing 5 I might skip it.

According to Northern Brewer’s pitching rate guidelines found in the Resources section, you should make a 1L starter, assuming you’re making a 5 gal batch. I have always found that these guidelines are right on, as long as you haven’t abused your yeast/using old yeast/etc. Mr. Malty’s guidelines are assuming a much lower cell viability than what Wyeast produces these days, and will result in over-pitching.


I would. I always make a 2l starter, no matter what I’m brewing. I notice a significant drop in lag time with any starter. I use a 1gallon glass apple juice bottle, works great!

Big starters also decrease the ester profile of the yeast, which sometimes is not a good thing. You want a clean blonde (don’t we all) so make up a 1.5L starter a week before brewday, refrigerate, decant and pitch.

Always make a starter with liquid yeast. Always.

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