Do you name your beers?

Sometimes I use my own, but I try to keep the style somewhere in the name.
Below are my Thanksgiving and Christmas labels.

I brew extract kits from NB, but I re-name each for my own entertainment.
I have fun coming up with beer names…

Lately it has been:
Black Lodge Porter (I loved Twin Peaks)
St. Oliver Saison (named after an 80-lb concrete gnome we have in our backyard tree)
Attacked By Robins Red (the name came to me after a springtime encounter on our front porch)
Swimming Gibbon IPA (a family joke about monkeys and their aquatic abilities)


I do, but I’m more “left brained” so not terribly creative. I tend to name them after some current event (e.g., Heat Wave IPA - for obvious reasons) or after something else that has inspired me.

My favorite one is “Killer Hay Bale Ale” after a friend at my 2012 St Paddy’s day party was going on and on about how giant hay bales are going around killing people. I promised I’d name a beer in his honor after he had us rolling on the floor laughing.

Also, I formulate my own recipes.

I’m not as creative as some of you, but yes, I do name them. I have a spider cream ale (spider floated up in the boil kettle after the wort chiller went in), or my favorite, Dog Drool (after my golden decided the mash was a great snack while making a Moose drool clone).

We name all of ours- our favorites so far was a “Marathon Toenail Stout” because we brewed it right after my husband ran a marathon and he had black toenails and Black FrIPA because you need beer to survive Black Friday weekend and that’s when we brewed it.
We name all of ours as well as our little “brewery” that we have in our house.

Some of them.
Olde Sloppyknickers British barleywine
Back Bench Bitter (ESB)
Bone Idle Bitter (ordinary bitter)
#7 Hopping Street (British IPA with 7 hops)
May The Schwarz Be With You (schwarzbier)
Steve’s Sterling Pilsner (with sterlings from my backyard)
Meeting Room Marzen
Rye? Rye Not? (rye porter)

I only name beers I make multiple times, maybe with some tweaks.
Jeeves the friendly Porter
Settle down Sven Aye Aye Aye PA
Patio crusher pale

Yes. Naturally, if I brew from a kit or from someone else’s recipe, I keep the name unless it serves me to change it (like the Dry Irish Stout kit from NB, I brewed it twice, the first time I added coffee malt and some other things so I called it a coffee Irish stout and the other kit I made into a sweet stout, so I called it a sweet Irish stout). Arguably, changes make it my own beer though, so…

Now that I run a lot of my own recipes through Beersmith, it also helps to name them so I can distinguish what’s what. Plus my friends always want to know what I have. Most of the names are relatively simple, I’ve named some of beers after pets we’ve had (Shamus’s Royal Red, April Springer Amber, Smokey’s Stout, MRACO’s Belgian (Montana Rivers Apache Chief Omega)) and I’ve named some for the location I’m at (Thorn Creek Wheat, Thorn Creek Mud, TC Berry Wheat). Then I have others like Ryamber, Horny Blonde, Monks Ten, C4, Sharpen A Wit.

Not usually but sometimes I do. But usually I’ll print labels and just call it what it is. Pale ale, lager etc. I only brew my own recipes so when I get a recipe where I think it doesn’t need any more work it will get the brew cat name. Like my Brew Cat IPA or Brew Cat Lager. Nothing fancy but it’s a bench mark.

I have one recipe I’ve been working on. I really like Irish Reds, but generally find them too weak, and I also really like Scottish Wee Heavies, but generally find them a bit too stiff to really enjoy a few. I brew for my preference, not a style guide, so I mated them.

My recipie is in that in-between space. Is it a sessionable wee heavy, or an Imperial Irish Red? I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense either way; It’s an abomination.

I call it Red Headed Step Child.

I’d love it more if I could make it have a red head, but short of adding food coloring, I don’t see it happening.

Was meaning to mention it in my post, I had thought about printing labels for the bottles, but that died a quick and painless death when I realized that it would be a pain to clean off the bottles later if I wanted to remove them. My solution was the 1" Avery dots that you find with office supplies. Avery offers a free template for printing the labels, so I print the beer name on the labels and stick them on the bottle caps. Pry off the top and away goes the label. Neat, simple, and I can tell what’s in a case by opening the lid. Once I get all of my wood beer cases made up, I might start printing some nice big labels and laminate them to stick on the outside of the cases, but I’ll still label the bottle caps.

Sometimes I print off some label sometimes I write them by hand but always on regular paper and stick them on with milk. I have a friend who uses dots I think they are to small to get much info on.

yes i did i did brew imperial blond ale
and did renameit after the great lemmy of motor head a lemmy ale even add some jack daniels to the flav during second fermenting hahaa must say taste awesome

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