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Do you guys have those friends

that guard their recipes and techniques like they’re on the verge of some ridiculous breakthrough? It’s so obnoxious for me only because they’ve only recently started brewing and you want to share techniques and help each other grow, but they act like after thousands of years of beer making that they’ve got some sort of approach that’s got to be safeguarded until they can patent it. Come on, man, we’re all in this together.

I have met brewers like that. they act like you’re gonna steal their secrets & make millions off their one recipe or technique. and all you wanna do is brew a batch of beer & get better at what you’re doing. it’s annoying.

I’m lucky to have three other homebrewers in the neighborhood and we are all completely open with each other about everything. That openness has greatly improved all of us as brewers. We have talked about forming an actual club but that would take time away from brewing. And besides, we’re already having “meetings” in someone’s garage two or three time a week. :cheers:

I would like to have that problem. None of our friends or neighbors brew and most drink something that ends in “light”. There is a homebrew club in town but I like drinking it as much as brewing it and will not drive after more than about 2. I am always happy to share any ideas with you guys here though.

Only a couple of my friends homebrew, and there are no secrets among us. Would definitely be annoying though. If you’re not brewing for profit, why be like that? Even then, there are commercial brewers who are pretty willing to share info about their recipes. Deschutes is a prime example.

Black Acre just shared a recipe with me. I’m excited to brew it! they were very nice & happy to share.

In 15 years of homebrewing I’ve never met anyone like that.

Just look at Palmer and Jamil. I’m sure that Jamil has a few secrets left up his sleeve but on the whole, they literally give their stuff away for free. If you’re willing to suffer through around 1000 hours of podcasts you can learn more than enough to be an excellent homebrewer. What you can get from fora like this or your home brew buddies is a few little detail tricks, like how you lay out your gear or when you make up the volume on your wort or idiosyncracies of certain yeasts. Most importantly, you get to judge other homebrewers’ beers and hopefully get an objective opinion on your own.
I’ve gotten to know about 3-4 homebrewers over the past year or so and I’m really glad to hear their opinions on what I produce. Also getting to sample some really great brews from friends raises the bar…
To recap: your friends suck.

Well its sad but true , but there not a soul within mile around me that brew. All my friends think its to easy to go to the store and buy beer. All i have is u guys to help me and share things with . I wish there was a brew club around here . I can garantee one thing , if i run across some secret , recipe, equipment, yeast , schedule, malts, etc… that no ones heard of ya’ll be the first to know

On a related but unrelated note, the difference between homebrewing and BBQ is interesting. For the most part homebrewers love to share their secrets. Being from KC, I know a lot more guys who BBQ. Almost every one guards their recipes–even though they have no intention of competing. Crazy.

Sounds like the type of person I wouldn’t make a habit of brewing with.

I can understand someone who is actively competing all the time, to keep their exact recipes to themselves. Even those folks will generally share process info though.

Personally I only use recipes as a jumping off point and make the beer my own each and every time. I’m not brewing for comps though, only for my enjoyment. I must be easily pleased because no matter what variation on a theme I might employ, it seems to come out tasty.

The only person I ever met like that wasn’t even a brewer. You might know him, Jim Koch.

Think of all you have shared :cheers:

[quote=“kcbeersnob”]Being from KC, I know a lot more guys who BBQ. Almost every one guards their recipes–even though they have no intention of competing.[/quote]Totally makes sense to me - BBQ is sacred! :wink:

Like Denny, I have never encountered it. I have seven neighbors who homebrew and we lend each other anything needed by a fellow brewer and share recipes freely. I have talked to brewers at brewpubs who gladly share insights, if not actual recipes. Other than a patentable device that someone invents (and even those are shared typically), I don’t see the point in secrecy. Maybe they are just low on confidence or self esteem and don’t want to look bad? In any event, I think if they hang around with folks who are open about all aspects, they may come around eventually…

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