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Do you ferment at the high or low end of the temp range?

Do you ferment at the high or low end of the temp range? I have been fermenting at the low end as i heard it produces a cleaner beer, but man it seems like it takes so much longer for the beer to be finished. So I ask…

I sometimes use a different yeast depending on the temperature of my brew room. On 1/1/12 I brewed a blonde using Wyeast 1272 (60-72 recommended range) instead of the usual WLP008 which is 68-72 recommended range. My brew room was hanging at 62-63.

Well, what about in a perfect world where temp is always ideal? …or you have a fermentation fridge.

I ferment below the middle range of the yeast. If the yeast range is 62 - 72F, I’ll ferment 64-65-66F.

For ales (using WLP007, WY1272, and US-05 most days), I pitch at 62F (beer temp), let the temp rise to 64F, and then hold it there for the bulk of fermentation, then ramp to 68F to finish off. If I’m in a hurry, or the OG is <1.060, might move to 68F after just 2-3 days, but usually hold it at 64 for at least a week, maybe 10 days.

I can think of a few reasons why you may do that, but please enlighten me so i’m not wrong. Why do you raise your temp at the end. For cleanup?

For attenuation, yeast clean-up, and dry-hopping.

My basement keeps the ferm temps at 58-62 for all the beers I have brewed. So far they all taste good to me :slight_smile:

for most styles I ferment on the lower end. There are exceptions such as Belgians that temps are ramped up till it finishes in the 80’s.

Typically on the bottom of the recommened temp range.

WY1056, US-05, WY1450, S-04, Nottingham all fermented at 62F for 2-3 weeks, rarely do I raise the temp above 64F when using these strains. I typically secondary at 56F with these strain also.

I have a large pipeline so the extra time it takes is no problem for me.

I always start at the bottom end and usually hold it there for the first 3-4 days or so in the ferm fridge, and then I pull it out of the fridge and let it free rise to wherever it wants to go to encourage full attenuation and clean up, where it will sit for 2-3 weeks prior to kegging.

Low end. Even with Saisons most of the time, but only because I have to deal with ambient temps and its cold in my garage for now (too hot in the house). I’ll get a fridge and temp control one day.

I do at the low end like Shadetree and then raise it up to 68 after the bulk of fermentation is slowed down.

Same technique as Millerbrau, low end of range to start then raise it up at the end.

Thanks for the input. I have been fermenting at the low and then giving it one more week after hitting FG to allow cleanup.

+1, same technique here typically, though sometimes I’ll go higher if I want more esters from the yeast, like with some Belgians, some English yeasts, maybe with a wiess if I want a stronger banana flavor.

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