Do Whirlfloc Tablets actually do something?

So I’ve been brewing from extract for a while now and I’ve regularly used whirlfloc tablets or irish moss. However, I’ve NEVER noticed any difference between the beer when I use it and when I forget to use it.
Does it actually do something for the beer?
Yeah, it’s supposed to help clarify the beer, but I’ve never noticed any real difference and I’ve always been too bashful to actually ask.


I honestly think it’s more important with all grain. There’s so much more dissolved gunk with an all-grain wort compared to extract, as extract has already had hot break and cold break removed. As soon as I add Whirlfloc or Irish moss, you can see proteins falling out of the wort. Looks like the egg solids in egg drop soup.

I think you will notice how well they work after moving up to all grain brewing. There will be more proteins in suspension. Whirlfloc is simply Irish moss made into tablets. It attaches to protein molecules and they fall to the bottom. Irish moss is seaweed BTW.

I use it since it is cheap enough but seems to be hit or miss. Cold conditioning works best IMHO. I don’t much worry if the beer is clear or not.