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Do I put my american wheat into second fermentation?

Just not 100% on this. Some say yes some say no. Any good advice?

Am Wheat is a staple at my house. I used to secondary but I don’t anymore. Basically I do 2 weeks in primary and keg. I have found no benefit to flavor to secondary, and I like the cloudy look. Although, if it sits in the keg over a few weeks the last few beers out are pretty clear. We do this one alot cuz it is easy and cheap and quick. No specialty grain… double batches on the stove extract style. Sometimes I will throw in some honey at flameout or extra oz or 2 of cascade at flameout to change it up a bit.

I have only done extract Am Wheat btw.

I kegged a double batch of Am Rye today… samples were yummy. I would recommend. Can’t wait for it to carb and chill in the keg-er-a-tor.


I wouldn’t. If you hit the target FG I would keg/bottle it.

OK i thought just to leave it in prime. I am going to rack this batch onto some clemintine mash before kegging. Yes going to boil and pasteurize the fruit before hand. I know there is a bunch of ways to infuse this is the rout i went with this time. Next time will be right after the chill. ok thanks for the input looks like it will sit for another week in the prime.

Prime: Mike’s Over The Top Orange(MOTTO or OTTO) Wheat
Keg: Mid-Nite Blonde Ale- just hit foam.
Gotta get something else going quick. I have brewed two batches now, extracts. A blonde that turned dark and almost amberish in flavor and this Am wheat. My target is 5 extracts before taking a stab at par mashing. Any suggestions for my next batch. I think maybe a PA or and IPA. I want to play with some hops more.

If you are adding something fermentable, then what you are doing is closer to a secondary fermentation. I’m assuming that the clementine mash has fermentable sugars in it, and you’ll want to let the yeast do their jobs.

OK so the OG was 1.060 this is before any climintines. do you think if i rack into 2nd I’ll have a way high FG? Or should i stick with prime only? and if I do only single fermentation and add the climies should i prime the bottles with sugar or not?

So at this point the yeast have fermented most if not all of the initial sugars from that OG 1.060. If you put clementine mash into it you’ll be adding some sugars and you may or may not know how much additional sugar that brings. So you’ll have to let it ferment again to eat up those late add sugars. Otherwise you don’t know what might happen (bottle bombs would be the first thing.) Although if you keg it you have less chance of a problem.

I did a raspberry wheat beer with this method: Wort in the primary, add yeast, let it ferment for a week or so in the primary bucket. I then drained it off into a carboy and added a big juice can of raspberry puree. Let it work in there for probably 2-4 more weeks before I racked it into a bottling bucket, added priming sugar, and then bottled it.

One option is that you could just add the clementine mash now into your fermenter.

I see where you getting at with this now. I will be doing both with this batch. As it is only my second. I did the same with the first batch also just to test the water of both. I had the equipment to do it so why no right. So it seem i’ll be buying some climintines tonight and getting down on a little brew action after all. Good thing the wife and kid is out of town. Hey thanks for the tips i’ll let you know how it turns out. Oh about the ABV%. What do you think the final will be with all the extra sugar? It should raise it some huh? Not what I’m trying to accomplish but currious what you thought.

Rather than cook your clementines before you add them to ferment, you might want to try hitting the clementine mash with campden tablets (in their own container before adding them to the beer.) Mash up the clementines, put in 1 crushed tablet per gallon and let it sit for 24 hours. The sulfites will kill any wild yeasts and you won’t have cooked clementines in your beer.

And I missed this part - after the 24 hours have passed you should be OK to add them into your fermenter with your wheat beer.

OK i’m glad the store just got them in today. what is a campden tablet? and can i find them at the grocery store? for the info. You should be able to get them just about anywhere as they're a basic ingredient.

Standard usage is one per gallon, crushed. There are a ton of other cider threads that talk about using it.

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