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Do I need to make a starter?

I plan to brew a barley wine ale Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday depending on the advice.
I have a little over two cups of us-05 yeast that will be in the fridge for twelve days tomorrow.
Will I be alright pitching that straight in tomorrow or should I put it into a three liter starter and
brew on Monday or Tuesday. I had planned to do this 5-6 days ago but things didn’t work out.
This is my first time doing this so I’m just a bit unsure if twelve days have been to long for a big beer.

I don’t think people usually make starters with dry yeast. If making a big beer I would make a starter with liquid yeast.

Not using a dry yeast, using a yeast from a previous beer. While I was out I realized it has been
three weeks in the refrigerator. Sorry about that guys! I guess I would like to know now is if I add
my 2½ cups washed yeast to 3 liters of boiled and cooled DME for 48 hours would that be a big enough starter for a 1.092 OG beer?

Use the Mr Malty calc. Click on the " repitching from slurry" tab.

Thanks, I forgot about that.

Two cups is a ton of yeast. I’d only pitch abou half.

You’re not kidding! Probably pitched 1¼-1½ cups to 3 liters in a gallon jug just before I left
for work and it seems some of the yeast didn’t like being in the jug. I plan to leave it on the stir
plate until Monday afternoon(48hrs), then cold crash overnite and make a BW on Tuesday. I hope I’m
doing this right. Is there anything I should be doing differently or am I okay?

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