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Do I need to grow a beard to homebrew?

Every series or video is see that has anything to do with homebrew consists of 2-3 guys all with beards nodding about mash temps.

Am I going to be shunned?

I grew a beard for Movember. I kept growing it because my wife and I are having a baby, and this was my version of a playoff hockey beard–I wasn’t going to cut it until she was born. Now, it’s become “part of me”. I know go by “Redbeard” by most people (have brown hair but red facial hair) and can wear my flannel without shame now. However, It was a long 6 weeks before it was comfortable and it’s a pain to scissor trim. Plus my wife says it smells like food.

So, even though it’s kind of fun, I think that when our baby is born, out comes the razor. I would say no.

I am in the minority with yourself good clean shaven man…may the ranks of clean shaven homebrewers swell so we can conquer our furry faced counterparts once and for all!!!

No beard needed to brew, only to make brew-videos.


[quote=“StormyBrew”]No beard needed to brew, only to make brew-videos.

:cheers: [/quote]

Oh ok… that makes sense. haha

You will never be taken seriously as a homebrewer unless you grow a beard.

They say, “The more hirsute the man, the higher gravity the beer.” Or was that “the hoppier the beer.” I forget but either way it’s somebody’s gospel.

I was at a craft beer festival Saturday and it certainly seemed that beards were highly encouraged amongst the brewers. One of my friends commented that I should probably grow one to help make my beer better.

Probably depends on where you live - I don’t know very many homebrewers with beards in Austin.

I’d say most brewers here are beardless. I haven’t shaved in almost a month myself, but it’s got nothing to do with brewing hahaha.

My beer has improved dramatically since I grew out the beard. Serious Business!

I haven’t been ‘naked’ since 1980 (4 years before I met my wife). Maybe that’s what drew me into brewing?.. Nah!

I honestly think my wife’s beard has helped improve my brewing.

Soon i will be moving Jobs and growing my beard out. (my job now, does not allow beards)

i expect a jump in my mash efficiency; say 1% for ever inch of beard :lol:

hope not, my facial hair grows in Joe Dirt style.

Well hell yea brotha…

I didn’t know you could grow facial hair, Dmitri! Still go long hair on your head though?

I pretty much have some kind of facial hair all the time, it’s always changing monthly usually. Had a beard for a lot of winter, and it was REALLY nice not shaving, I almost want to keep it year round. But it gets too hot in the summer here in Iowa for beards, especially when you’re active like I am.

Yes. 8)

it helps in the winter

Me too, I’ve seen puerto rican kids in 8th grade with more fully formed beards than me…oh well, it’s the shame in which I live.

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