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Do I dump?

I’m still learning AG and yesterday everything went to heck. I didn’t even think to recalibrate my digital thermometer or double check with my mercury until 1/2 hour into my mash.It was reading 40 degrees high. I mashed at 120 added a outhouse of boiling water to get it to 140. I didn’t know what to do so I finished the process. Target OG 1.043 actual 1.030, American Wheat as a base for Raspberry Wheat. Do I let the process run it;s course or do I cut my losses, call it education, dump, and start from scratch? Be gentle in your criticism. Thanks.

I’d keep it. You may have a low OG, but you can have a good fermentation and wind up with something tasty if light. If your boil was good, keep it.

Keep it! Sure, it won’t be the beer you thought you were making, but it will be beer.

Keep it, one of my biggest accidents last year turned out to be a beer that I really looked forward to.

Opinion please, Do I just let it run it’s course and not add the berries. Berry crop was really low this year and I don’t want to waste the few I picked. Thanks

Let it run it’s course. It will still be beer. If you add the berries you may be disappointed that it is not the beer you wanted/planned.

I’d recommend you make that decision after you taste it. Wait til primary is done, take a gravity reading and taste it. Then decide if it’s worth adding the berries to.

Best advice, as usual.

Thanks, Al! I just gotta say I love your sig! Firesign Theater brings my what memories I have left of college. I used to be able to recite all of Nick danger from memory.

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