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Do dry hops get "stirred"?

I’m brewing the Cascade Mountains IPA today. The instructions say I’m to add 4oz of hops one week before bottling day. Do I just "dump’ the hops in, or do I gently stir them in, or what???


Just dump em in.

Thanks Matt!


There is no harm in gently rocking the carboy to distribute the hops.

I know Fat Heads stirs up/rouses the dry hops in Head Hunter using CO2. Not sure if it does anything but it’s a damn fine beer so maybe there is something to it.

I recently added 2oz mosaic pellets as dry hop. They sat right on top. I started cold crashing in advance of bottling and they didn’t budge. I gave the carboy a gentle rock and they began settling out to the bottom.
FWIW these particular mosaic pellet hops were HUGE, bigger than any pellet hops I’ve seen (granted I’ve only used like 5 or 6 types)

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