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DME instead of LME for Czech pilsner

I have brewed NB Czech pilsner several times. It is my groups’s favorite. I’m wondering if I can get a paler result with pilsner DME instead of the LME supplied with the kit? Is there a weight conversion factor? I’ll do a full boil, but keep the boiling slow and steady. What about filtering?

In my experience, DME will definitely give you a paler beer. I did a Czech pilsner a while back with DME, and it turned out very pale, but with a flavor very close to Pilsner Urquell. For DME, you’ll generally want to use 80% as a conversion factor. In other words, a recipe that calls for five pounds of LME would only require four pounds of DME. As far as filtering, if you let it cold lager long enough, it’ll clear up nicely.

Also, research late addition of extract. It will significantly produce a paler beer.

Fantastic ideas all around. DME will help with color a lot, as will reserving much of it for late in the boil, i.e., don’t boil it for 60 minutes.

Filtering is not required. If you want a crystal clear beer, ensure you boil very vigorously, lager the beer cold after primary fermentation for a good 4-6 weeks in the 30s or 40s, and if it’s still not crystal clear by then, you can always dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in hot water and stir that in – gelatin works miracles when it comes to clarity.

Good luck. :cheers:

Could someone explain late addition of DME? Using 5 gallon boil, how much to start, when to add remainder, when the hops, how long the boil, and vigorous boil you say?

Add roughly a pound of DME at the beginning of the boil (standard boil time would be 60 minutes), then add all the rest in the last 10 minutes of the boil. This will ensure proper pH for hop bittering in the boil, while minimizing darkening of the wort during the long boil. Adding most of the DME at the end of your boil keeps the color as light as possible. But you do need to add a little at the beginning to keep the hops and pH happy.

Good advice Dave. Many people don’t understand that you need some sugars in the boil to isomerize the alpha acids.

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